platform as a service

For the last 4-5 months i’ve been working with the platform, more specifically with the on-demand CRM In these few months working in this platform, i’ve seen some major improvements that i think will establish as a major platform for the development of web applications, among these: Visualforce, Web-services (which have been around for some time), integration with Google and APIs provided for other frameworks such as Adobe Flex/Air.

This platform as a service concept is new for me and I think it offers great advantages in matters of development & deployment time,acquisition and maintenance costs of hardware & software. And now, with Visualforce, it gives developers the ability to follow the Model-View-Controller Design Pattern in order to have data models, business logic and user interface in different layers.

I’ll post more information about how to work on each of these layers and maybe show some code of examples that i come to write in this platform.

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