RailsForce - Sample App Template

I've been working a lot with rails and force.com during the last months, rails is awesome however getting all of the plumbing to work is a real pain. I'm working on a template app that might be helpful for anyone that's trying to build a rails app that interacts with force.com.

This app template uses:

Databasedotcom gem
Bootstrap framework
Application template
Basic chatter components (more info below)

I decided to use cells for creating reusable components and it's looking very promising. I created a few chatter-related components and got it to a point were the following code:

Renders the following page:

I'm no expert in ruby or rails so I hope that with the help of other developers we can improve the template and expand the components library.

Also, i'm planning to provide some libraries to access the metadata api from ruby but this is still a work in progress.

You can checkout the github project here.


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